Ministerial Advisory Council on Disability - Independent adviser to the WA Minister for Disability Services - Keeping government informed

Carole Kagi

Mrs Piper Marsh

1st Term 24/6/2016 – 30/6/2018
2nd Term: 01/07/2018 – 30/06/2020

As a Service Provider and an advocate for people with disabilities, Piper has developed a good understanding of the realities of living with a disability and the extent to which, the disability can impact on a person’s life and those of their family and carers. She also has knowledge of the range of support services available, particularly from the not-for-profit and community organisation sector; National and State Policy frameworks; funding avenues, and government agencies.

In her professional role as the Community Support Manager at Muscular Dystrophy WA she has a range of roles including advocacy for people with MD and their families, and support and referral.

Throughout her career she has developed and now maintains strong linkages and networks with a range of key disability and health organisations.

As the immediate past Chair of the Fiona Stanley Hospital’s Community and Consumer Advisory Council she represented patients, families and carers within the hospital to ensure the hospital is patient-centred and focused on the individual and their support system.