Ministerial Advisory Council on Disability - Independent adviser to the WA Minister for Disability Services - Keeping government informed

Council Membership

Members are selected by the State Minister for Disability Services and are appointed for a two year term, with the option of a second two year term. Membership is drawn from key stakeholders in the disability services area and others with relevant experience.

According to Part 3, Section 22 of the Disability Services Act:

  1. Council established
    1. A body called the Ministerial Advisory Council on Disability is established.
    2. The Council is to comprise not more than 14 members, appointed by the Minister from persons nominated under subsection (3).
    3. The Minister is to seek nominations, in accordance with the regulations, of persons for appointment as members of the Council.
    4. In appointing the members the Minister is to ensure that -
      1. they are all persons who have disabilities, or knowledge of, and experience in, matters relevant to people with disabilities;
      2. they reflect the interests of the entire spectrum of disabilities; and
      3. at least 2 of them have had recent experience in matters relevant to people with disabilities outside the metropolitan region.
    5. Schedule 5 has effect.

The appointments of the Chairperson and Deputy Chairperson are made according to Schedule 5(2) of the Disability Services Act 1993, which states:

  • The Minister is to appoint one of the members of the Council to be the chairperson.
  • The Council is to elect one other member to be the deputy chairperson.
  • The deputy chairperson is to perform the functions of the chairperson when the chairperson is unable to do so by reason of illness, absence or other cause, or when the office of chairperson is vacant.

The position of Council Chairperson is automatically a member of the Disability Service Commission's Board.

Council Members