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2018 Annual Work Plan now available

Date:10 July 2015

The Council’s projects and consultations inform the advice we provide to the Minister for Disability Services. Some projects are planned; others are reactive to current issues.

A summary of our 2018 Annual Work Plan is now available on the Current Work page.

For information about previous years’ work, see our Annual Work Reports on the Publications page.

We now do surveys, too!

Date:12 September 2014

Have your say from the comfort of your home, office or even on the go from your mobile device. Our surveys are usually short and quick to complete – around five questions and you always have the option of remaining anonymous if you wish.

This is only one of the methods we use to gather information, but it is an important way because it allows us to reach a large number of people quickly and cost effectively.

Online surveys are a new addition to MACD this year, but already people have shown that they are keen to get involved and to have some input into our projects. They know we are independent of all government agencies, and we aim to gather many perspectives to deliver a balanced report to help guide and inform our minister.

Keep an eye on the Surveys page of our website and join our mailing list for email notifications of when our surveys are open.

Join our mailing list

Date:12 September 2014

Never miss an opportunity to participate in a MACD consultation program or survey again. Join our mailing list by completing the form on the Home page of our website, by emailing your contact details to the Ministerial Advisory Council on Disability at or by telephoning 9426 9269.

Our members visit organisations

Date:12 September 2014

If you would like to know more about MACD; who we are, what we do and how we do it, our members are available to visit your organisation. These visits can be arranged by contacting the office at or by calling 9426 9269

Retiring members

Date:March 2019

Ms Stephanie Coates