Ministerial Advisory Council on Disability - Independent adviser to the WA Minister for Disability Services - Keeping government informed

Role of Council

Who the Council advises:

  • State Government Minister for Disability Services - In accordance with the Disability Services Act (1993).

  • Australian Government Minister with Disability Services responsibility. - In accordance with the Commonwealth State Territory Disability Agreement (CSTDA) Part 6 (7). Under this agreement the Council assumes the role of a Disability Advisory Councils (DAC) and operates in the following way:

    • Chairs of the State and Territory Disability Advisory Councils - Meetings are held regularly and advice is conveyed to the National Advisory Council on Disability and Carer Issues.

    • The National Advisory Council on Disability and Carer Issues - established by the Australian Government Department of Family and Community Services to provide advice to the Australian Government Minister.

The Council does not advise other Ministers and their Departments. Where it is considered desirable to do this, contact is sought through the State and Australian Government Ministers who have responsibility for disability services.

The Council may however, request any Western Australian public authority to provide it with information for the purpose of performing its functions and any such request must be complied with in accordance with 23(3) of the Disability Services Act 1993.

Consumer or Service Provider Body?

The Council is neither a consumer nor a service provider body. Council is mandated to provide the best and most balanced advice possible to enhance the well-being of people with disabilities, their families and carers.

Matters referred to the attention of the Council are discussed by the Council and actions decided as considered appropriate. The Council is always cognisant of its advisory role, the role of advocacy and discerning the difference.