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Our Online Surveys

Date: 1 February 2018

Based on the Annual Work Plan the Council researches and writes papers to provide independent advice to the Minister for Disability Services on issues that are important for people with disabilities.

During the planning phase of the work plan, the Council decides how they will approach the research phase of each project. Asking the public for their opinions and stories is always an important part of this research. We ask as many people as we can to allow them to have a say into what is presented to the Minister.

One way of reaching out to people is to conduct short and easy to complete online surveys. The Council uses Survey Monkey to gather responses. The information we gather is collated and analysed and helps the Council develop reports for the Minister. Online surveys allow the Council to get feedback from a greater number of people as compared to some of our past methods, although focus groups and interviews will still occur for some projects. All information received by the Council is used in briefing papers to the Minister for Disability Services who then decides the best way to use that information, but please note that the Freedom of Information Act 1992 applies.

On this page we will list active surveys with their cut off dates. You may choose to remain anonymous if you wish.

Please take a few moments to complete a survey. The more information that the Minister receives, the better he is able to fight for the much needed improvements for people with disabilities.

Thank you.

Ms Kerry Allan-Zinner
Ministerial Advisory Council on Disability